Interior Design event

This time I’ll write about the whole design process for this Interior Design event. I was in charge of all the graphic materials and even the web page. The main topic of the event was ‘Commercial desing’, related to malls, display design and illumination of commercial spots.

Ok, so the question is: How to go from this…


…to this?


First thing you should know: It wasn’t conceived like that at all. It was a complex process, and the many options I developed at the beginning ended up evolving. The first step of this final graphic line was not creating the logo, but defining the concept.  And obviously it relates to the ‘shopping mall’ experience.

These invitations emulate shopping bags.





Can you believe this is how they looked in the computer?

nueva propuesta

nueva propuesta

Plain, huh?


The staff and the participants looked neat in these tshirts. The use of color was important to separate groups (students, staff and speakers). You have to take that in count when you’re creating the graphic line. Colors must be coherent.



These were used to display names. They resembled credit cards.


The webpage, however, was a little bit of a challenge for me, since I don’t have a lot of experience in programming.

TIP: If you’re creative enough, you don’t need to be an expert. I read about an application that lets you add links to any image. It is called ‘Thinglink‘. I read about it in Vilma Nuñez’s Blog (give it a try! -oh, and it’s in spanish). So I created a tumblr page that I could easily change spaces and customize the look, and added just one post with the image I worked on in Thinglink. Basically, you can touch the image, and every spot leads you to a specific link. I suggested to buy a .com domain, but it wasn’t a big deal for the client, so we kept it that way. Take a look here:

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 08.48.02

This is the poster. I think it looks great in the wall. Actually, some of these background images are available for free in some webpages. You just have to make them your own, blend them with the project itself.

20130722_Diseno cuadro_6009

This is how the launching event was prepared.






The night almost got spoiled because of the rain, but it went away. At the end, it was just great. Oh, and the music was delightful.




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