Commencement day


How does it feels to graduate from college? I won’t lie: It is definitely not the proudest or the best feeling you’ll ever have. In my case, I graduated 7 months after I handed in my thesis, so it was just a late celebration of what I had already achieved (though it felt good to hear my family cheering me up from the audience).  Anyways, it made think that a graduation or a degree does not define you at all. There is so much more of you than just what a diploma says. In the meantime, I encountered with a bigger truth: you decide who you are, you decide what to do with your life. That’s why I wanted to celebrate new beginnings with a weird wine I bought at the supermarket. I was looking forward to taste it after my graduation, because it represented ‘the unknown’. Did I like it? NO. Did I hate it? Almost. It tasted like a sweaty day at the beach, like salty water mixed with a heavy solar protection formula. Don’t forget the sweaty part. But I learned that new things may not always result as you expect. That’s life and you have to accept it. Just enjoy it and keep experimenting and looking for what you love.

I recently met a random person with several international diplomas, aiming for another one, with no self projection or work experience, and over 30 years old. Where does that leave that person? I guess it is not about how many graduations you’ve had, it’s about what you’ve learned and what you decide to do from now on. And that is why I think my proudest moments are those little ones in which I’ve made my own decisions. When you follow your heart with open eyes is when you should feel proud of yourself. When you’ve thought it through, when you’ve considered pros and cons, when you make your own choices. Those are the decisions you will never regret, and most important of all, they will empower you and push you far away from your limits. Do not label yourself as a ‘holder of a bachelor’s degree in…’. Be all you can be.

In english, they call graduation ‘Commencement’, referring to new beginnings. But I think you can start to change your life anytime. Don’t wait for a ceremony, do it when you feel it. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that…

And then…

Cheers to a new life!


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